30/06/18 – 31/12/18: 4D Graffiti Invasions by AUJIK

30/06/2018 - 31/12/2018


Entrance, AUJIK

STRP x Emoves present the next level of street art in AR at Strijp-S
30/06/18 – 31/12/18

1. Download the 4D graffiti invasions app in the Google Play Store or App Store and follow the tutorial.


2. You can recognize the locations on the STRP sticker on the ground.
3. Follow the instructions on your screen and experience the 4D graffiti invasion yourself!

Your own tour along the works of AUJIK on Strijp-S starts at the AUJIK Homebase, which is located at MU, bus stop Strijp S. Here you will find all information about the app you need to download and the locations where the 4D works are located.

Do you prefer a guided tour?
If you are interested in a guided tour for a group, please contact Shirley Hendrikse via shirley@strp.nl or 040 2367228.

About 4D Graffiti Invasions by AUJIK
STRP and Emoves together launch the world premiere of this moving, fluid graffiti in 4D, designed by AUJIK.

While walking on Strijp-S, you will experience a spectacular virtual layer on top of the physical environment through your smartphone. Graffiti in augmented reality (AR) can pop up anywhere and then disappear again. But it gets really exciting when this graffiti is not a frozen image in AR, but comes to life.

AUJIK has a background in the skateboard and graffiti scenes and combines elements from robot design, architecture and neuroscience in his work. He creates a fluid, slow-moving graffiti that takes you to another dimension, as if in a dream. In Eindhoven, the futuristic and imaginative virtual world of AUJIK blends together with the robust, down-to-earth architecture of Strijp-S. 4D Graffiti Invasions by AUJIK will be shown until 31 December.

AUJIK is an artistic concept initiated by the Swedish artist Stefan Larsson. Its core themes are artificial intelligence, nature, technology, perception, future speculation, neuroscience and architecture. AUJIK resembles a fictive esoteric cult whose outlook contains elements from Shintoism, Zen Buddhism and Japanese nature religions. Its central idea is that everything, even the most artificial things, have consciousness and a soul.

Stefan Larsson (born in Söderhamn, Sweden) graduated from the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts in 2005. He has lived for the past nine years in ?tsu, Japan.

Concept | AUJIK – Stefan Larsson http://www.aujik.com/
Realisation | Sander Veenhof http://sndrv.nl/
Realisation toolkit | Dutch Rose Media – Augmented Reality Design https://www.dutchrosemedia.com/
4D Graffiti Invasions by AUJIK is also made possible by Gieskens Strijbis Fonds and supported by Brabant-C.