Tours, workshops and projects for for young and old, creatives and tech-heads. Participate, share and learn.

STRP SHARE is a cluster of educational and participation projects that finds STRP sharing knowledge, experiences and ideas, to challenge artists, audiences and societies to embrace this mentality. We organize projects for children, youngsters, elderly, students and professionals with an outline suitable to maximize their progress. That also means devising situations where they can be brought together. STRP SHARE wants to promote keen thinking by acting and teach things by sharing.


To begin experiencing all the different possibilities of creative technology, you can’t do it soon enough. STRP KIDS will visit elementary schools, where kids can explore the artistic facets of technology by ‘learning as they play’. Students can design their own robots and machines, experiment with digital media and discover how technology can serve a creative vision. Think of STRP KIDS as a mobile educational program. The number of lessons and overlap with the customary teaching programmes is always negotiable.


STRP SCHOOL is a programme designed specifically for groups at STRP events, such as STRP Biënnale. The target audience of these gatherings are students (both high school and university) and teacher groups. Lively tours across an exposition, oral presentations and workshops help give the overall experience more depth. STRP SCHOOL also provides guidelines that teachers can enforce on their own volition, to provide a greater breadth of knowledge and meaning to the students.


The STRP SENIOR programmes and projects reconcile knowledge and skills of both the younger and older generations. This with the notion that every participant can learn something from one another, and the notion that the passing and sharing of knowledge can merit some surprising results. The important foundations of STRP SENIOR are 1. Creativity, in both the visual and sonical sense. 3. technology/engineering: from craft to high tech.


STRP organizes workshops that pertain to events and schools, for example, during a Project Week. Every workshop revolves around cutting edge technology and/or engineering, where participants learn the most by doing them. Think for example about virtual reality, robotics, electronics, animation or mechanics. Subjects which STRP approaches from a creative vantage point. It’s not just imperative to share knowledge, but also to harness that knowledge as an individual. All of these workshops are organized based on capacity and duration.


Leading up to every edition of STRP Biënnale, STRP facilitates a special project that find different groups – be it students, companies, elderly or professionals – working together. This project will be exhibited during STRP Biënnale itself. Age and educational background are not of importance: the only criterium is a shared enthusiasm for the chosen subject and a willingness to share and learn more as participants. By bringing as many different factions together – with affinity for high tech and low tech alike – you can reach new valuable insights. SRTP Studio gives young, avid makers a chance to share the stage with more established (international) artists and creators.