Educational activities for primary schools

STRP KIDS has developed a number of seminar programs specifically aimed at the mid to high tiers of primary education. Teachers are in their own way professional artists qualified to pass knowledge around. These seminars are malleable for use in primary educational guidelines of teaching culture, developed by agencies from the five biggest cities in the province of Noord-Brabant. These activities align with the required target values of Artistic orientation and Orientation of self and the world (nature and technology). One vital goal is to teach kids to become tech-savvy, to consider all the possibilities on how to apply tech to their own lives. In a world influenced at at an alarming rate by technology and our interaction with it, educating the people at an early stage is of utmost importance.

The different seminar series generally consist of two to six lessons in total. By creating a tech-based artwork, kids can immerse themselves into the subject matter by osmosis. They learn to work with electronics AS they’re doing an assignment that involves making an art piece. Or for example, with an assignment relating to music, kids can explore the intricacies of mechanics. Digital media also plays as large part in our seminars and workshops. With specially developed stopmotion-boxes developed by STRP, children are able to create their own animated films. We make Virtual Reality goggles available during classes, teaching them to utilize and understand modern VR tech by letting them create their own pair of goggles with domestic materials.
In the semester 2016-2017, SRTP KIDS will be teaching 15 different classes at 4 different elementary schools. If you’re interested in working with STRP KIDS at your own school, please contact Shirley Hendrikse.